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Monday, February 9, 2015

Responsive Mobile Friendly Websites

What is a responsive "mobile friendly" website and why Google recommends it!

Responsive website means that the website is able to adjust for screen size. So, websites should look friendly and accessible on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

The idea is to have one code "HTML5" website that serves all requests from different devices. The help comes from CSS code that works behind the scene to adjust the design based on the size of the screen. JavaScript is the way to alter the rendering and behavior of the site on different devices. For example, the way of how menu pages can navigate!

Why Google recommends a responsive website?

Google has standards to follow when designing and developing websites in order to crawl, learn and index website structure.  Google recommends responsive web design because it:
  • Makes it easy for users to navigate through and hence increases user website experience
  • Helps Search Engine Optimization by understanding the structure and index of webpages
  • Helps eliminating redirects to other domains for having responsive designs. 
    • Be careful when you have companies that offer this technique as you will have different contents winch will confuse users and make them leave your website. 
  • Reduces time to maintain multiple pages for the same contents. 
  • Makes your website looks professional and consistent. 

Google offers mobile friendly test tool available here.

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