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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Restaurant Online Ordering POS

Restaurant Online Ordering POS

MobileAdz has integrated Food Orders Taking Mobile Application with it's hardware to come up with an affordable one time fee solution, Global Food Online Ordering System.

The Restaurant Online Ordering POS we provide includes Software and Hardware. Let's start with the software and see all features and benefits for restaurants.

Online Ordering Taking App for Restaurants, Cafe`, Bars, & Pubs

The orders taking app is an Android application installed on 3G GSM WiFi IBM Tablet. Mainly suited for small to medium size restaurants who are seeking an affordable and reliable online ordering system.

 Benefits of having our Online Ordering System

  • Saves you money "Guaranteed" through one time fee or lease to own program.
  • No transactions fees and no flat monthly fees
  • Your system, your money, and your customers. We only provide you with tools to benefit your business
  • Increase revenue by at least 27% by taking orders through mobile friendly menu on your website and Facebook page. 
    facebook ordering menu
    Facebook Ordering Menu App
  • Build strong customer relationships by knowing your customers' names, emails, and phone numbers.
  • Delivery heat-map to tell you which area may need more attention and marketing. 

online ordering system delivery heat-map
Delivery Heat-map

These are just some of the benefits that any restaurant, cafe`, pubs and bars may need!


  1. Mobile Friendly food menu on your website and Facebook page
  2. Mobile app listing 
  3. Admin panel to manage, add, edit and delete menu items
  4. Delivery Zones with your own set prices
  5. Orders statistics
  6. Orders list
  7. Accept online payments (FirstData, Stripe, Authorize.Net)
  8. Advance creative food menu

Online Ordering POS Hardware

Android Order Taking Tablet

We mainly rely on IBM equipment. Lenovo is an IBM company that produces reliable systems and has been around for many years now. We use 3G GSM WiFi Android tablet on a sturdy anti-theft metal stand with the following specs:

Android Tablet Online Ordering POS
Android Tablet Online Ordering POS

  • Quad Core processor with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage
  • 3G GSM enabled system (Operates on Rogers in Canada and any GSM operators internationally)
  •  Dual Camera, Bluetooth, and WiFi

Thermal Printer

Cutting edge technology thermal printer, for kitchen or cashier, to print orders after being accepted.  

***All hardware come with One Year Warranty ***

Pricing & Additional services


We are trying to provide the best affordable solution without compromising reliability and quality. 
  1. POS Tablet Ordering System $35 per month 
  2. POS Tablet Ordering System and Thermal Printer $60 per month

Additional Services

We also provide services as follows:
  1. Mobile friendly website with CMS to edit and manage web contents easily
  2. Online Marketing on Email & Social Media
  3. Accept Online Payment 
  4. Food Menu Setup


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